Guangdong Great River Smarter Logistics Co.Ltd (referred to as ‘GR Smarter’) is an innovative petrochemical product logistics and comprehensive service provider, mainly offering terminal services to domestic and foreign petrochemical product manufacturers, traders, and end users. The main business includes terminal and jetty operation, chemical warehouse storage, transit and other service, logistics chain management service and other value-added services.

After 30 years of development, GR Smarter has established 14 terminals through self-constructions and mergers and acquisitions for petroleum, liquid and gas chemical products storage in various locations including Pearl river delta, Fujian, Yangtze river delta and Bohai Bay. As for now, GR Smarter has 1044 storage tanks with a total capacity of 5.18 million cubic meter. Meanwhile, the company is operating in multiple chemical warehouses with a total area of 64,900 square meters. GR Smarter maintains a leading position in the industry and has won various awards, and been nominated as the committee member of National Standard of Chemical Management Informatization of the People's Republic of China and the Natiional Advanced Unit in Dangerous Cargo Logistics Safety Management.

GR Smarter adopts a centralized management model, to implement a unified management system of all its terminals, ensuring the comprehensive implementation of safety management and operational standards. GR Smarter also strictly maintains and manages equipment and facilities to ensure the provision of high-quality and satisfactory services to customers.