Health, Safety, and Environme are the trinity management system of “occupational health, safety and environmental protection”. The core is hazard identification and risk control. The core of management is people-oriented. On this basis, all warehousing companies under Hongchuan Wisdom have achieved reasonable location, complete licenses, excellent facilities, sound systems and implementation.

Reasonable location: All of its logistics bases are located in the government-designed specialized parks, surrounded by similar enterprises, away from commercial and residential areas. The chemical parks are equipped with complete emergency rescue systems for fire, environmental protection and medical treatment.

The license is complete: all necessary licenses are complete and are valid.

Excellent facilities: the international and domestic advanced safety equipment facilities are used in the reservoir area.

The system is sound: multiple management is carried out simultaneously, and all management tasks are fully guaranteed and in place.

Implementation in place: Through the establishment of a number of management regulations, to ensure that the management system is sound and rigorous. Through management assessment, inspection and supervision, emergency drills, on-site identification, exercise drills, etc., all management will be implemented and strictly implemented.

Management Results:

Since the company's first warehousing enterprise was put into production in September 2007, all the reservoir areas have not experienced safety production and environmental pollution accidents, and have won many honorary titles of safety production and environmental friendliness at the national, provincial and municipal levels. The demonstration enterprises on the company have repeatedly been inspected and supervised by the relevant departments of the state, province and city. Including the State Administration of Work Safety, the State Council Safety Inspection Team, the Governor of Guangdong Province, the Guangdong Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, and the Jiangsu Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau.